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Stop the Excuses!

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Here is a blogpost I had written a while back for another blog I had started called “Your Child Sucks”. It was going to be a blog with a bunch of posts on things I’d see happen at stores, school and the park…then I decided I’d make a lot of enemies that way and went a different direction; but that doesn’t mean I can’t share just ONE of my posts from that blog. 😉

‘Stop the excuses!’

With entitlement and disrespect in the upcoming generations being so prevalent over the past decade or two, I feel I might have an answer as to what the cause is; YOU. The only question I have is WHY do you allow it?

So many parents have this need to care too much about their child’s feelings. I know it might sound awful to some of you, but I seriously believe that it’s ok to not ALWAYS get down on their level and explain in a loooooooong drawn out way why they shouldn’t do something. Best response to ill-behavior should sometimes simply be “Cut it out!” or “Knock it off!” “Do it again and you go to your room; or can’t watch cartoons later; or won’t get to go to the park after lunch…etc, etc.” Then follow through.

All too often I hear parents saying, “I’m so sorry about ‘so and so’ being crabby (more like a mean jerk). I had her running errands with me all day. And she’s probably hungry. Poor baby.” No, not poor baby. She’s 4 and has some self control. Your child is being horrible to mine and not only are you giving her excuses (in front of her, mind you) but you aren’t even correcting the behavior. What irks me the most is when a parent gives excuses IN FRONT OF the child making them interpret in their heads, “Ya mom, it’s YOUR fault I’m acting like a brat. Now I can continue without getting in trouble.” Cue more rudeness. Glad my kid is the punching bag to your child’s intense hunger pains and fatigue. My thoughts: she was rude and impolite last week AND the week before. Excuses always being, “She’s hungry,” or “She’s tired.” Same excuse, same behavior.

I understand that kids have an “off” day here and there and my kids are no exception. The problem is allowing the mood that they’re in to have power over everyone around them.  My kids have absolutely been little turds at get togethers, but they ALWAYS got called on it with a consequence to follow, which is usually to go to their room until they can act nicely to their friends. It’s just not something that should be ignored and left for them to “work it out”. You treat someone badly or you talk rude to an adult, you should get corrected on the spot because it’s just not okay. I’m sorry, but I’ll intervene as much as possible when my kids are little; ESPECIALLY if it’s a consistent thing that never seems to be addressed by the other parent. In my experience it’s usually the parents who say, “I just think we should let them work it out themselves,” is usually the parent of the child who has the consistently rude behavior. Or better yet, they say something pertaining to “Let me figure out a way to make my child happy.

A great example is the whole “SHARING” policy amongst everyone these days. I am not a fan of it. at. all. Not that I don’t think sharing is a valued lesson that people should know and practice, but to expect sharing at all moments is ludicrous. If there are 50 things to play with and my son is playing with something, why should he have to “share” with your child? They don’t need to take turns just because your child wants, therefore he gets. No ma’am! Your son can go find one of the other 49 toys and stop throwing a fit to get his way. Situation from the not too distant past: We were at an acquaintances house who had a ride on toy. Actually not one, but three. So Roman chose one and wouldn’t you know, her child wanted THE SAME ONE! Go figure! Since it was not my house, I let the mom decide how the rules were going to go. She decided to give each child two minutes and take turns. Um, WHAT?!? There are two other ride along toys and my son had this one first. It was so lame. She literally kept time and after the two minutes were up, he had to get off. Well that caused more of an issue when her child didn’t want to give it up after their allotted two minute turn. Because of the ridiculousness of the situation, I just told Roman to ride on one of the others, so he did.

Here is another “fun” true story. This was a while back and no, it’s not anyone I still have contact with and that’s the only reason why I’m sharing the experience of this “playdate”:

“My sweet ‘Susie’ has had a really long day of running errands with me so I’m sorry if she isn’t playing nicely with Carissa. This is very out of character for her and it must be because I took her to a doctor’s appointment, Target AND to get the car washed.”  In reality, this is what she needs to say, “I’m aware she is throwing the toys, crossing her arms, ignoring your child and stomping off when she doesn’t get her way, but if I just blame myself and ignore her, maybe you will too.” I can’t. Sorry.  But you can continue making excuses if it makes you get through this tough job of parenting. The funniest part was this comment, “Plus, she had a donut and that always makes her act a know…(lol) crazy!” Yes, I do know that sometimes my kid can act a fool, but you better believe that you won’t hear me apologize and make excuses for their rude behavior and inability to play normal with your kid. If my child was acting like this, he’ll be in his room until he feels he can gather his freaking emotions and not torment your child bc of his “exhaustion” and/or sugar intake.
My thoughts this whole time: What was your ‘sweet Susie’s excuse last week? Or the week before? All I know is you need to still put her down for a nap and feed her more because she is hungry and tired a lot.  I don’t believe for a minute that your child is this magically kind, respectful and gracious little girl the moment she gets a granola bar and a nap in her.
The funny thing is, when offered a snack at my house she crossed her arms, made a scrunchy face and said, “I don’t WANT fruit! Mommy, I don’t want any fruit! I just want my peanut butter and chocolate chip granola bar!” Cue ridiculous parenting: “Well sweetheart, Serena (That’s Miss Serena or Mrs. Heuser to a child, thank you!) doesn’t have any of those, but what about a cereal bar? Or maybe a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?” “NO! I WANT MY GRANOLA BAR!” As I pretend to not pay attention, the mom looks in my pantry in a panic to find something that her daughter might not freak out over. “Do you mind?” she asks me. I feel like saying “Yes, I mind. Not you looking in my pantry, but of showing my kids who are eating FRUIT that they might have had an option….which then I have to reiterate to them that THEY DON’T and they eat what I give them or they don’t get anything.” But instead, I bite my tongue and nod my head while my face is burning bc this is not the first time it’s happened. “What about popcorn?” Kid shakes her head. “Graham crackers?” shakes head. “Do you have any cheese sticks? She LOVES cheese sticks.” “Yes, I have some.” Hands the mom a cheese stick to give to her. ‘Sweet Susie’ uncrosses her arms, lights up in the face and says “CHEESE STICK!  I get to eat a cheese stick!” as she then shows my kids her special snack in a teasing manner, while mom looks adoringly at her little girl.  I felt like saying, “You’re welcome! Now go home!”

But these situations always provide me with a nice teaching tool for my kids. I have no problem using other kids as examples of how NOT to act. “Did you see the way Susie acted? When you go to someone’s home, you eat what you’re given with no questions. Do you understand? I don’t care one bit that Susie ended up getting her way, she’s not my child and that’s her mom’s problem to deal with.” Even if they don’t act perfect at someone else’s house, at least I’ve addressed it and if I find out they weren’t respectful about the food provided I know that they knew better, which makes it easier to give them a consequence or a lecture afterwards.

Now I’m going to reiterate this part because I don’t want anyone expecting perfect behavior from my kids at all times because that JUST AIN’T HAPPENIN’!  My kids aren’t perfect, but I’ll be damned if they speak to an adult disrespectfully or treat your child poorly. That is on the top of my priority list of raising a good child.  Every so often they might test their tone of voice with me, but I’d much rather it happen in the home than test it with another parent, teacher, or any other adult we come in contact with because at least I can address it immediately. To hear the way some children speak to adults (sometimes to me) in front of their parents is horrifying! I wish I had the cojones to say in front of those moms, “It’s not okay to talk to me that way,” but it’s so hard when they’re standing right there as if it’s not a big deal. Well it is to me and I know to many other adults standing around. The thing is, I wouldn’t blink an eye at the disrespect as long as the parent said something. Anything! Just don’t stand there and allow it.

I’ve said my peace; for now. 🙂


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  1. i’m just going to tell everyone that it’s your fault my kids are behaving badly…. not mine. 😛

    nice blog. i concur and loved reading it. 😀

  2. So true. I love how you bring humor into what people could take offensively. You have a gift for sure. Looking forward to reading the next one.

  3. Amen, Sista! I was going to make a joke about “Susie” being Kendall…but I couldn’t do it! “Cause I would whoop her if she ever acted that way! Love our awesome kiddos!

    • I could NEVER imagine either of your kids acting even remotely close to the way some of the kids these days behave. EVERRRRR! Your kids are wonderful little human beings. 🙂

  4. Amen, sista! You’re much nicer than I am. I have no qualms in educating other people’s kids when they’re bratty to mine and the parents don’t do their job. There was once a little girl about 3 years old in a store who ran up to my 2-yr-old and took his blankie right out of his hand. He called my attention with his pouty lip telling her that it was his as she ran across the store and past her mom. The mom said she must be tired and kept asking her to please return the blanket as the brat charged by. I caught the brat, brought her back to where her mother was and told her in a very firm voice that it was not okay to take other people’s things or to be running around the store and she needed to return the blanket and apologize to Benjamin or she would have to go in time-out outside of the store. The mother was clearly fuming, but the brat did as she was told. So there!

    • I just realized you posted a comment, Adriana!! Good for you! I am getting better and better every day and not allowing my kids to be the door mat anymore. lol Thanks for chiming in!


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