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Top 5 reasons why I loathe my favorite thing…FB

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Here is my love/hate relationship with Facebook:

Things I love: I absolutely ADORE Facebook because I can keep in touch with friends and family from far away. Share pictures of our families and learn a thing or two regarding their lives since I knew them back in the day. Because I moved around a lot during my school years, I would keep in touch with a few friends via snail mail and an actual phone call…but now, Facebook allows us to keep in such better touch and it feels like we’re actually a part of each others lives. I also enjoy when someone is public and I can spend (waste) 30 minutes looking through wedding photos of people I don’t know; that’s always fun. And I also love to write dumb stuff for all to see. 🙂

But every day I see a status update that enters in to my TOP 5 things I loathe about my beloved Facebook. Yes, I’m aware that’s contradictory, but I bet you feel the same way!! Don’t lie.

Here they are:

1. Paparazzi people. You know, the ones who take pictures of unsuspecting people and post them with a rude caption. In example, someone posting a picture of a complete stranger in ill-fitting clothes and making a comment about how they resemble a farm animal. I don’t care WHAT they’re wearing, to take a photo of someone who has no idea you’re doing so and posting them on the internet is rude, disrespectful and I think a HUGE violation of privacy. Would I want someone to do this with me on my bad days and say something mean and hurtful? No way! I only want my family and I to be put on the web somewhere by MY hands only…or tagged by a friend of mine who has only good intentions. You guys need to really be considerate of other people and their privacy. It’s evil!

2. When people say FML. Really?!? Your life is SO bad you feel that a comment like that is warranted? Have you taken a good look at your life and realized that being out of coffee in the morning, your carpet cleaner being broken or your car getting a flat is worthy of an FML remark? “First, I didn’t wake up early enough for my bootcamp class. THEN, my Vitamix blender gave out at the same time the dog peed on my brand new $1000 rug! Later, Whole Foods was SO busy and can you believe they gave me a hard time about returning my supplement because I had used too much of it?!? FML!!” I would love to shake that person and say WAKE UP! There are nearly 1 BILLION people that go hungry in the world this very second you’re whining about Whole Foods being too busy! Did you also know that there are tens of thousands of children battling cancer this minute, which means there are twice that many parents who are devastated and live in fear that their sweet babies won’t survive?
You people have lost your perspective on life and of how blessed you truly are.

3. Cryptic statuses. For instance when someone writes, “Today was the hardest day in a long time. I wish I had more answers. :(“ Um. What in the WORLD are you talking about and if you’re not going to answer everyone’s questions asking if you’re fine, then WHY POST IT FOR ALL TO SEE? “I wish life had the answers to these tough times like today.” Cue floods of questions or comments like, “hugs. What’s wrong?” or “I’m here if you need something. Is everything ok?” “Yes, I just need positive thoughts.” “Thoughts and prayers are sent your way….what am I praying for?”  Holy cow.

4. Show-offs. People who come on ONLY to post something amazing. Another great example is when their page is like crickets for 3 months then they share a photo of their new Louis Vuitton purse from “THE BEST HUSBAND IN THE WORLD!” Wow. So that’s all you’ve wanted to share to your 350 friends in the past 3 months? To gloat? Wasn’t the last one, “Look at my new Mercedes!”? And before that it was Christmas time sharing with everyone your fabulous presents. Ok, we get it. Life is fantastic for you…..three times a year.

5. Taking credit for a famous quote. In no way, shape or form do your astute friends believe these are your words. The oblivious ones, maybe….

****Here’s an example: A man is but the product of his thoughts.  What he thinks, he becomes (then the person adds something of their own in the same sentence, “and today is another hard working Tuesday and I’m ready to rock it!”

Response: “Such wise words, so and so! I really needed to hear that today and you hit the nail on the head. Thanks for all of your wisdom.” So and so then responds with, “Thanks! Glad I could help.”
WHAT?!?! Put quotations marks around it and underneath give credit where credit is due. You know that one dude by the name of MAHATMA GANDHI! There’s only one Gandhi and you are NOT him. Or Henry David Thoreau, Maya Angelou, Jesus, Benjamin Franklin, John F. Kennedy, Dalai Lama etc, etc….
But as long as people are fueling the fire, there will always be these things in your newsfeed…so stop fueling them!!!

Well, this is MY list.  Did I miss anything? 😉


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  1. You are so candid & right on girl! Love reading your thoughts! xo


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