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Diastasis Recti is more than just ugly…

So as I was brainstorming reasons for my worsening back/neck pain I came to an Oprah “AHA!” moment.

A couple of years ago I went to see a doc about my horrid belly. By doctor, I mean the kind of doctor that is an amazing gift to women everywhere: a plastic surgeon. The thing is, I keep fit, eat better than great and every other part of my body I am happy with, but when it comes to my belly after two ginormously huge babies (everyone who saw me would agree) I was left with a panza (belly) and wrinkly skin.

SOOOoo I got a wild hair and thought maybe a tummy tuck was the ticket…well, after an exam his answer was that I have Diastasis Recti, the splitting of my abdominal muscles. This happens to many women who have large babies, especially if you have a shorter torso. SAAWEET! Two for Two.  Unfortunately they can’t come back together without being sewn like a ragdoll and tons of scarring so I decided I would deal with it and commit to a one piece bathing suit forever and try to remember to tuck my panza in my pants before bending forward for any reason; no biggie.

A week before Roman was born. Let’s discuss that horrible hair how about NEVER!

I’m going to back up a bit…I have had back issues for years. Before children it was nothing too horrible, but would require a bit of attention and occasional chiropractic care. Heck I was a cocktail server at an extremely busy lounge and carried trays heavier than a 5 year old, but even that didn’t debilitate me. With my first X-Rays it showed two things, I have one leg slightly shorter than the other due to a fused vertebrae I was born with. Nothing a shoe lift wouldn’t fix and occasional adjustments. Yeah, a shoe lift. don’t judge it’s rude. 😉  How does that work in the summertime with flip flops? It doesn’t, but I do wear it in the cooler months….The fused vertebrae causes my pelvis to twist a tad, pinching my sciatica. lovely. But these things I know and can do yoga poses that help tremendously.

Then during childbirth with my daughter, which resulted in a broken butt. Literally. She snapped my tailbone leaving it hanging by a thread of bone. I sat on a donut for the first year to 18 months post baby, nursed her on my knees, stood while rocking her, sat in the crack of the sofa and because it healed sideways it still throbs on occasion.

Because of those two issues with my back I thought that this progression in pain since having my son via C-Section (they said it was likely he would do the same to my tailbone if I didn’t) were the reasons.

I NEVER put the Diastasis Recti/back pain together until last night. After doing more research on one causing the other I realized that besides my 90 year old man’s ass on my stomach, it is also causing my back pain to gradually worsen. “AHA!! SeeeREEEEnnnaaaaaa solved the prOOOOOOOBLEEEEEM!” That was said in my best Oprah’s grand announcement voice. Just imagine her saying, “John TraVOOOOOOOOOLLLLLTAAAAAA!!” Yup, that’s it!

What am I going to do about it? Vanity central here I come! I want to sew these suckers up like that said “ragdoll” one day and get that tummy tuck. Well, when I get up the nerve to go under the knife, but it has to be some day in the near future before I’m 70 and it won’t matter because gravity will take it’s toll anyway and I’ll be saggy and in a wheelchair from the inability to stand up without pain.

Conclusion:Weak tummy= weak back, verdad?

When the time comes, I will track my progress including before and after shots of an area that only my sisters, mom and besties have been unfortunate to have seen (that’s a warning). Plus, I’ll let you guys know what I think. It could be helpful to many of you as I know this is a pretty common thing.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Hey Sistah! I read your post and ouch! I have a good friend here in Germany, who is a DPT specializing in women’s health — post baby core and pelvic floor especially. I posted your blog post on her page, asking for some insight…:) I’ll keep posted!

  2. Hey there!
    So glad Kimberlee “e-introduced” us. I’m Brianne, and I have a video that may interest you:
    This is the blog post that goes along with it:
    You said “Weak tummy = Weak back, verdad?”
    The video above is meant for new mamas at least 6 weeks postpartum who’ve been cleared for exercise. The intention of the video is to strengthen the deep abdominals — the muscles below the rectus abdominis muscles (which were split, hence the Diastasis Recti). Strengthening these deep abdominals and the other muscles of the core (glutes, pelvic floor, low back muscles) will help prevent (and/or treat) low back pain and will help tone and flatten the tummy.
    I hope it helps… Please let me know if you have any questions!


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