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Here is my about me….written by my kids. Starts out typical then gets serious.
1. Carissa: “You never fart a lot.”
2. Roman: “You are caca”
3. Carissa:”You’re nice”
4. Roman:”Ya yay bees a bobra. I love you.” no, he is not a toddler…he’s just a nerd.
5. Carissa: “You’re pretty and give a lot of kisses.” *blushing*
6. Roman: “I smell stinky in my butt.”

Me: “Okay Roman. Enough of that. Be serious for a sec.”

7. Carissa: “You take good care of us.”
8. Roman: “You’re the bestest mom ever.”
9. Carissa: “You make very good food. You should be a chef.” The fact that I have to cheer them on about 50% of meal time I find this very hard to believe.
10. Roman: “You’re the nicest mom.”
11. Carissa: “You think of the nicest things to say.”
12. Roman: “I love your food. You should be a cooker.” Same as #9.
13. Carissa: “You take us to a lot of fun stuff every day.”
14. Roman: “You’re the prettiest mom, ever.” Melting….


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